The warmth of the sun on your skin, the ocean wind in your hair, a good book to read and a cool drink in your hand …


Our luxury live-aboard cruises, sailing to the islands Bali, Komodo, Sumba, Alor, Sulawesi, Kalimantan and Raja Ampat, are filled with sunny days, warm breezes and starlit nights. We specialize in customizing special sailing adventure trips to meet every expectation. Let us help you plan your journey so that you get a sampling of everything.

Our luxury live-aboard cruises are sailing to the most exotic islands of Indonesia. Let us take you to tiny fishing villages filled with laughing children…, to white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, or to towering volcanoes with smouldering calderas…, – all waiting to be explored. Of course, along the way, there will be plenty of opportunities to catch a glimpse of the vibrant and colourful underwater world.

Our traditional Schooner has a long and exciting sailing history. Starting as a cargo sailing ship in the first half of the last century, ADELAAR was cruising the Baltic and Northern Seas only propelled by the wind. After HER first transformation to a passenger ship, ADELAAR circumnavigated the globe almost twice, sailing to the islands of the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal to the Galapagos Islands, then to Tahiti, Tonga and Fiji, finally ending in New Zealand. Navigation during that time was still done by sextant using the sun by day and the stars at night. Not as easy as it is today, where constant satellite availability assures precise navigation at all times.

In New Zealand, ADELAAR became quite famous, since SHE won the Tall Ship race there in 1992. After a second complete refit from 1992-1993, ADELAAR sailed from New Zealand to Bali calling in Norfolk Island, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Irian Jaya, the Sunda Island and the islands of the East Nusa Tenggara. From 1994 until today, ADELAAR has been cruising regularly to the following destinations: Komodo National Marine Park, Take Bone Rate Atoll, and the Alor Archipelago.

Although rather heavy and not built for racing, ADELAAR is making good speed, if the wind comes from the side or from behind (=,>90 degrees). With winds of 15 to 20 knots, ADELAAR’s hull speed can reach 10-11 knots, which is not bad at all for the hull shape and weight.