Moyo & Satonda

Luxury live-aboard sailing cruise – Moyo & Satonda

Bay in Satonda

Our “Luxury live-aboard sailing cruise – Moyo & Satonda” takes you from Bali along the south-eastern shore line to Lombok, crossing the deep water Lombok Strait. After sailing along the northern coastline of Lombok offering spectacular views of Mount Rinjani, you will reach Moyo island early next morning. The two small islands of Moyo and Satonda, sit just off the northern coast of Sumbawa.

Moyo used to be the hunting lodge of high ranking officials, but now it is home to the beautiful Amanwana jungle resort of the Aman group, and a couple of small local fishing villages. We suggest a visit to the village of Sebotok, where our guides will take you on a scenic walk, down a path between two fishing villages. Our visit with the local people will allow an intimate glimpse of village life… be prepared to be greeted by loads of laughing school children.

Private charter plane arrives Adelaar

Along the way, you get an opportunity to observe hundreds of giant fruit bats hanging in masses in the trees overhead. Moyo Bay is also our rendezvous place for Sea-Plane Service for our guests.

Satonda Island, a small volcanic island, is presently uninhabited. It recently went up for sale…; marketed as an exotic tourist destination and targeted for investors, so who knows how long it will be uninhabited!

We will go ashore and take a short walk from the beach to the lip of the caldera to view the large saltwater lake, which now fills the crater. The locals tell the story of the violent eruption of Mount Tambora, in 1815, which created a tsunami that filled the crater with salt water. Along the lake the trees are said to be “wishing trees”. Visitors to the island tie a small stone to the tree and make a wish. If your wish comes true, you are bound to return to the island to offer thanks.

The island is also home for a large colony of fruit bats and as we depart the island we are able to see the bats silhouetted against the sunset, as they take flight for the evening. Our “Luxury live-aboard sailing cruise – Moyo & Satonda” can also be booked as part of a longer excursion, including the Komodo Archipelago.